Garlic Allium Complex Supplements Targeted-delivery Technology

gnld product Garlic Allium ComplexGNLD Products Garlic Allium Complex is a state-of-the-art, whole-food supplement that delivers standardized amounts of allicin, the key health-promoting sulfur compound in garlic, plus other beneficial allium nutrients.

Phytonutrients from Garlic Allium complex help to lower your blood pressure and and help to give you more steady cholesterol levels. The gastrointestinal tract responds to the healthy immune support through normal cell growth from Garlic Allium Complex.

The sulfur compounds in allium vegetables are responsible for their health benefits and pungent aroma.

Garlic Allium Complex

Many scientific studies have linked the consumption of allium vegetables–such as garlic, onions, chives, leeks, and so on–to a lowered risk of infection, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Included with the Garlic Allium Complex with GNLD’s exclusive Targeted Delivery Technology are the whole food components, alliin & alliinase. ensuring the key components  in this supplement are delivered to the digestive tract for for best absorption. They react together to produce over 4200 micrograms of fresh, active allicin beneficial for maximum absorption.

A Quick Look at Garlic Allium Complex…

  • Complete, whole-food supplementation. No other product boasts as complete a selection of allium vegetables. Garlic Allium Complex features extracts and concentrates from the allium vegetables garlic, onions, chives, and leeks.
  • Guaranteed high allicin yield. Each dose delivers 4.2 milligrams of allicin, the amount found in a fresh clove of garlic.
  • Nutrient family approach. Includes many other bioactive compounds not just allicin that exist naturally to maximize benefits of your health.
  • Contains both allin and alliinase, components the body needs to produce allicin.
  • Targeted delivery action. Garlic Allium Complex’s enteric coating maximizes stability and absorption and assures the formation of active allicin in the intestines.
  • And most importantly… And will not cause garlic breath!

Garlic Allium Complex

Living in New York City for the past 16 years, I inevitably find myself eating out a few times a week. Because of this, I have suffered from various types of food poisoning.

For those of you who have been a victim of food poisoning, you unfortunately never forget that uncomfortable feeling in your body in the hours leading up to the visit to the bathroom.

After I learned about the benefits of GNLD’s garlic, I have thwarted any nasty food poisoning experiences by taking 4-6 garlic at the onset of that upset stomach that would wake me up in the middle of the night and each time–no visit to the bathroom!

It really works at destroying that unwanted bacteria….and fast! In the morning, I always follow up with a few Acidophilus to balance my system.


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