Tre-en-en! GNLD Gives You Cellular Efficiency

Tre-en-en! What is it?

tre-en-enTre-en-en is a product that was introduced and developed in 1958 by GNLD to provide phyto-lipids that are necessary for the optimal functioning and health of your body at a cellular level.

These essential phyto-lipids include the phyto-sterols: beta-sitosterol, stimasterol, gamma-oryzanol, octacosanol and campesterol, as well as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These sterols and fatty acids support the cellular assimilation of nutrients, as well as aiding your body in the elimination of metabolites and waste.

GNLD Tre-en-en nourishes your cells with whole food extracts of rice, soy and wheat. It contains no cholesterol and is cold-pressed and -processed to secure its nutritional value.

Tre-en-en by GNLD Gives You Cellular Efficiency

Your body is composed of cells–trillions of them–which need to do their jobs efficiently if you’re going to be healthy and feeling good. How is it that cells keep healthy? There are many factors, but the key to health lies in the cell membrane. Just like your body as a whole, your individual cells must absorb nutrients and get rid of wastes.

You see, each cell in your body is encased in a fatty membrane that has the ability to only allow nutrients that are beneficial to the cell to enter it. Cells also have this discretionary intelligence to allow only metabolic products such as enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones, along with waste toxic to the cell to exit.

Any deficiency of needed nutrients such as sterols, lipids or amino acids could compromise this discretionary ability of your cells. That is, your cells can become inefficient in their ability to absorb needed nutrients, even though the nutrients may be present.

This is referred to as “cell starvation.” Cells can become “constipated,” as well, which means their elimination of wastes becomes inhibited and they have difficulty exporting metabolites. Under such conditions, your cells become inefficient and they expend greater energy than your healthy cells do to achieve the same ends.

GNLD Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates provide your body with critical sterols and lipids it needs for efficient functioning of your cells, your gland systems–and your entire body. We are, in fact, only as healthy as our cells are, and GNLD Tre-en-en builds and strengthens the lipid-sterol relationship in your body which supports health and vitality at a cellular level.

  • Comprehensive sterol and lipid profile of soy, wheat and rice.
  • Phytonutrient extracts from diverse food staples used to supply vital nutrients for optimum cell functioning.
  • Proven by science to promote efficient utilization of nutrients necessary to cardiovascular growth and development.*
  • Adds back in to your biochemistry critical sterols stripped through food processing. This includes octacosonal, beta-sitosterol, stimasterol, and gamma-oryzanol.
  • Cold pressed and processed for optimal preservation of inherent nutritional value.
  • No cholesterol or yeast.


My sister, who has been a Shaklee Distributor for years and years, was just diagnosed with aggressive Cancer in her breast and lympth nodes. I gave her the information on the GNLD Phytodefense and Tre-En-En and she immediately started taking 3 paks of Phytodefense a day and 3 Tre-En-En.

She showed her Oncologist what she was doing and received the “very affirmative” go-ahead from her. She has noticed an increased energy and feels good. She said the day she began chemotherapy, she was exhausted by mid-afternoon. I told her to add 3 more Tre-En-En, for a total of 6 per day.

Since then not only has she not been fatigued, but has more energy than before the cancer – so much so that she is able to continue working while going through chemotherapy.

Linda Wilson, Denver, Colorado


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